Greetings Dwarves and lesser folks!

Being of the Lonely Mountain myself, this is my first trip to Thorin’s Hall. Ah, what a pleasure seeing it, despite having to go through Elf-country first. It is glorious and my heart bursts of pride seeing the craftsmanship. And, I had heard of the Ale Association having headquarters there. In my country, it’s only a rumor, but now I got to see it in all its glory myself!

Where: Thorin’s Hall Tavern
Tested: Bombur’s Beard Lager
Reviewer: Myk

What I had:

Bombur’s Beard Lager
How many Hobbits does it take to light a lantern… nevermind! How many Hobbits does it take to get me drunk enough to hump a keg? Answer: One. Drinking this lager after you’ve tasted the horrible brew in Lone-Lands just makes you feel amazing. Not the bad amazing, mind you, but the good one. The one that makes you feel all handsome and ready to have a knife fight with the Valar. In fact, this beer might be the third from the left on the evolutionary chart. Its knuckles are scraping the ground, its forehead is about four feet too wide and it’s smacking you over the head with a club and dragging you behind it by your hair. But it’s slowly moving up history’s chart. It just learned to scrape two rocks together and set fire to your colon. Fire bad!

Overall rating:

Wet wares: Fantastic (4 mugs)
Result: I had to wait a week before I stopped shaking so I could write this (4 mugs)
Patronage: Dwarves! (5 mugs)
Service: No freebies, but still excellent (3 mugs)
Environment: Absolutely amazing (4 mugs)

Total review: 4.0* mugs

*wet wares count triple!