Greetings Dwarves and lesser folks!

I wasn’t even going to bother, but then a very intoxicated cat I met in the cellar of the Prancing Pony told me about the Beakbreaker Ale in Combe and that it is is a must to try. It is sold by the proprietor, miss Lisbeth Honeymeade, who gave it freely after she heard I am writing reviews. Not that I want to take advantage of that, but it may have slipped out accidentally.

Where: The Combe & Wattle Inn, Combe, Bree-land
Tested: Beakbreaker Ale
Reviewer: Myk

What I had:

Beakbreaker Ale
This beer was brewed in Combe and advertises “Puts a tear in your eye and fire in your gullet.”, and wouldn’t you know it? It tastes like the scorched flesh of one of those pretty Shire cows, who’s still roaming the plains because the Hobbits are too busy eating its friends. Rejoice! You want ale? This ale just penetrated your earlobe, and hey, it tastes like fire indeed, but no tears. You still liking nature, you foliage humper?

Overall rating:

Wet wares: Almost keeps what it promises (3.5 mugs)
Result: Only one was free, so… (3 mugs)
Patronage: Outstanding! I was the only guest (5 mugs)
Service: Free! (5 mugs)
Environment: In the outback (1 mug)

Total review: 3.5* mugs

*wet wares count triple!