Greetings, Dwarves and lesser folks!

My first review goes to a familiar place, the Prancing Pony Inn in Bree town. It is said to have some of the finest brew east of the Brandywine River!

Where: Prancing Pony Inn, Bree
Tested: Barliman’s Best, Blind Troll Stout, Stars of Old Cider
Reviewer: Myk

What I had:

Barliman’s Best
Now this is advertised as the best ale in all of Middle-Earth by the Bree folks – even the Hobbits! Barliman’s Best lives up to its reputation and is big slabs of boar meat on a toasted loaf of bread. It’s dirty fingers scooping out raspberry pie. This would even make Elves feel like roaring at the moon and fornicating with mortals. It’s outstanding.

Blind Troll Stout
I once knew this guy from Dale out east. He had a this strange hump on his back, was stupid like an empty mug of the cheapest beer and had an enormous… anyway, this is that kind of stout. What else is there to say? It’s cold and pretty good.

Stars of Old Cider
This is a break-up letter from your brain to your liver (or the other way). It’s so smooth and creamy and refreshing that I thought the mug was made of magic. It packs a hell of a whallop and costs next to nothing. After finishing this one, I sent a letter to Balin that I wouldn’t be returning and vowed never to wash again.

Overall rating:

Wet wares: Great! (4 mugs)
Result: Blurry fantastic (4 mugs)
Patronage: So-so. Too many tall folks and too much bad music (2 mugs)
Service: Nothing out of the ordinary, but I wasn’t thrown out (4 mugs)
Environment: Good solid stone floor that didn’t hit too hard (3.5 mugs)

Total review: 3.6* mugs

*wet wares count triple!