Fornost Scout

We know that hobbits from the Shire were once sent to Fornost to fight for the King of Arnor, but little do we know of what happened to those brave little souls. This set is a tribute to them.

Back: Coldbane - Dye: Default (non-dyeable)
Head: Helm of the Erebor Knife - Dye: Default (non-dyeable)
Shoulders: Woodland Ranger’s Shoulderwrap - Dye: Umber
Chest: Harmonious Shirt - Dye: Gold
Legs: Harmonious Trousers - Dye: Gold
Hands: Harmonious Gloves - Dye: Gold
Feet: Ceremonial Boots of the Gambler - Dye: Gold


One comment on "Fornost Scout"

  1. A very nice combination with a cloak rarely seen! The moors armour does give a scout feeling to it :)