Protector of Kheled-zâram

The Mirrormere lake was, if one believes the dwarves, the place in the Dimrill Dale where Durin the Deathless saw a crown above his head reflected by the stars and because of this founded Khazad-dûm.

Back: Ceremonial Wizard’s Cloak of the Rider - Dye: Ered Luin Blue
Head: Veteran Rohirric Guardsman’s Medium Helm - Dye: Ered Luin Blue
Chest: Hauberk of the Mirrormere - Dye: Ered Luin Blue
Hands: High-protector’s Gloves - Dye: Default (non-dyable)
Feet: Ceremonial Copper-Inlaid Boots - Dye: Gold


One comment on "Protector of Kheled-zâram"

  1. Suzawen (Landroval) on

    I am trying a dwarf again and “stolen” this outfit…. we’ll see how long this one survives :D