Poll: Your preferred Improvements for 2014

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2 comments on "Poll: Your preferred Improvements for 2014"

  1. clicking on the selections isn’t working so I’ll list my choices:

    I was going to select

    Instances/Raids, more of them, more flexible, less puzzly, yey to the scaling loot… my favorites are the Annuminas ones and the Fornost, even after some time has passed now because they are reliable and simple. Who wants to get killed over and over on a freaky strat? I am finished with my killer stay up till 4 am raiding life. But maybe others feel different.

    I’d like to have some way to know that “this instance has Arch-Nemesis in the first room!” vs…. “this instance doesn’t even have Nemesis until about room 6.” The toughness of the dungeon is still not visible from the instance finder. There’s still too much detail you have to “just know.” Not very new player friendly. Don’t nerf them, just make it visible somehow. A rating system? Could also affect drop rates, that’d be fair, as long as it wasn’t zero drops in the other instances.

    The other choice was going to be housing and kin house. Why can’t we have services at home? I’m getting sick of being pelted with emotes while crafting because I’m standing still. It would be nice to have a peaceful place with services just for kinnies.

    • Thanks for your comments. The selections don’t work because the poll has ended already.