A guide to the various food titles in Lotro. True hobbit titles!

Below shows what you need to eat in order to get the titles. I have been told that critical versions of the items now count towards the deeds as well.

Breakfast Connoisseur

9 complete hobbit breakfasts
9 delicious crispy bacon
9 eggs and onions
9 hobbiton omelets


6 Mushroom Pies
6 Fried mushrooms
6 Cooked carrots
6 Stuffed cabbage
6 Ultimate Carrot Cakes
6 Vegetable Medley

Pie Maven

7 Steak and Kidney Pies
7 Coney Pies
7 Spiced Apple Pies
7 Mushroom Pies
7 Perfect Pies


3 Roast Pork
3 Coney Pie
3 Pork Sausage
3 Coney Stew
3 Steak & Kidney Pie
3 Beef Stew
3 Delicious Crispy Bacon
3 Pork Chops
3 Salted Beef Delights
3 Roasted Chicken
3 Delicious Steak
3 Stew of Kings (Changed from the previous Roast of Heroes)

Pie-eating Champion

To get the title you will have to visit the festival grounds north of Bree. There is a table with pies in the area and one out of three in-game mornings (not just during festivals) an NPC will spawn near the table and let you participate in the pie-eating contest.


Eat 100 Lembas/waybreads. This can only be incremented with 5 a day.

The Unwise

Eat “Brie-cheese” to gain this title. It’s obtained as a BoA item from the wights in one of the Barrow Downs instances (not the Great Barrow instances). Eat it and you will get a disease (that can be lethal to lower levels) and the title “The Unwise”.