Guide to Scroll of the Ages

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There is a non-repeatable Helegrod quest that you can do to get 5 Scroll of the Ages. The quest is a part of a quest chain in the Misty Mountains and can be a bit confusing to figure out, so here is a guide on how to complete it.

Minimum level 45.

Step 1: Prerequisites

If you have done any of below quests already, just skip to the next one. You can check it in your completed quest log under “Misty Mountains” quests (level 45). You will need to have completed all quests mentioned in bold here in order to receive your rewards.

  • Talk with Anornaneth near the market/bard in Rivendell (28.9S, 5.6W) and get the level 45 quest Stirrings Within Helegrod.
  • Talk with Elrond in the library to hand in the quest and accept the quest The Deeds of Durin from him.
  • Travel to Glóin in his camp in the Misty Mountains to hand in the quest. Note: There is no swift travel from Rivendell to Glóin’s Camp, but you can swift travel from Rivendell to Hrimbarg and then from Hrimbarg to Glóin’s Camp.
  • Accept the quest In Sight of the Bitter Stair given by Glóin and travel a bit north from Glóin’s camp to Sigrun (by the campfire) and hand in the quest.
  • Talk with Sigrun and get the quest The Worm-hunter’s Lament. Note: if you are unable to take this quest, go directly to Step 2 (Helegrod instance).
  • Travel to Othrikar in the North Downs and speak with Ormwulf Worm-hunter to hand in the quest. Don’t despair that he hasn’t got a new quest for you! He will have one once you finish step 2.

Step 2: Helegrod

  • Stay in Othrikar.
  • Now you need to complete the Helegrod quest Raid:Fangs for Nothing in the Drake Wing. Please note that the instance mobs must be green to you. Greys won’t do, so the instance  can’t be more than 7 levels under your own. If you have done this quest before, it is not needed to do again and you can go directly to Step 3.
  • We had no problems doing the instance at level 78 with 4 level 85′ers.
  • The quest is auto-bestowed upon joining the instance and it is random whether you get it or not when joining. So if you don’t get it when you join the instance, leave the instance and rejoin until you receive it.
  • Once you have the quest and the mobs are green, start killing mobs until you get the 15 fangs needed. Killing mobs in the first room should be more than enough.

Step 3: Picks for Delivery

  • Leave the instance (or finish it if you want to) and notice that Ormwulf Worm-hunter in Othrikar now has a quest for you called Picks for Delivery.
  • Accept the quest and then travel to Thorin’s Hall to find Wegeir, who is walking around just inside the entrance between the auction hall and vaults.
  • Get your rewards!