Guide to Food Titles

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A guide to the various food titles in Lotro. True hobbit titles!

Below shows what you need to eat in order to get the titles. Note that critical versions of below food (except lembas) will not count towards the deeds.

Breakfast Connoisseur

9 complete hobbit breakfasts
9 delicious crispy bacon
9 eggs and onions
9 hobbiton omelets


6 Mushroom Pies
6 Fried mushrooms
6 Cooked carrots
6 Stuffed cabbage
6 Ultimate Carrot Cakes
6 Vegetable Medley

Pie Maven

7 Steak and Kidney Pies
7 Coney Pies
7 Spiced Apple Pies
7 Mushroom Pies
7 Perfect Pies


3 Roast Pork
3 Coney Pie
3 Pork Sausage
3 Coney Stew
3 Steak & Kidney Pie
3 Beef Stew
3 Delicious Crispy Bacon
3 Pork Chops
3 Salted Beef Delights
3 Roasted Chicken
3 Delicious Steak
3 Stew of Kings (Changed from the previous Roast of Heroes)

Pie-eating Champion

To get the title you will have to visit the festival grounds north of Bree. There is a table with pies in the area and one out of three in-game mornings (not just during festivals) an NPC will spawn near the table and let you participate in the pie-eating contest.


Eat 100 Lembas/waybreads. This can only be incremented with 5 a day.

The Unwise

Eat “Brie-cheese” to gain this title. It’s obtained as a BoA item from the wights in one of the Barrow Downs instances (not the Great Barrow instances). Eat it and you will get a disease (that can be lethal to lower levels) and the title “The Unwise”.